Haylor's Break-Up Legit? Fellow Vacationers Reveal Their Behavior, 24Hrs Before Split!

Hmm… well here's something interesting to note!

According to the family who spent time with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift on their tropical vacation, the lovebirds exuded nothing but love and romance 24hrs before the supposed split.

Kris Held, the mother of the family, says their time in Virgin Gorda completely set them up for shock once they heard the news:

"I can't believe they broke up. This is so surprising; they looked so adorable together when we met them. Harry was joking around with my husband and taking pictures with all of my girls; he was so sweet.

The family was lucky enough to enjoy dinner with the pair at CocoMaya, and daughter Holly Held even added:

"When I heard they broke up I thought, 'Oh no, my gosh.' I can’t believe it. When I met them they looked so in love and were such a cute couple. I would never have guessed a break-up would come judging by their body language. Taylor constantly had her head on Harry's shoulder. They were very close to each other the entire time and constantly leaning into each other. My sisters and I even saw them share a kiss. It’s hard to understand, really."

Hmm… inneresting indeed!

But we all know what young love can be like. One moment you're in heat, the other… NEXT! Ha!

And from the looks of Taylor's latest tweet, we're pretty sure she's heartbroken. But who knows how long this will last!

Maybe they'll go for another round of fun like JELENA did!

Via: perezhilton.com
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