Imagine Niall

You walk around the park when your phone rings.
You: "hello?"
Niall: "hey babe."
You: "hey."
Niall: "what are you doing?"
You: "just walking around the park.. You?"
Niall: "just watching tv, and started thinking about you." you smile.
Niall: "say, if you can, and wanna, you can drop by my house... I won't mind."
You: "okay. I'll be there in ten minutes."
Niall: "awesome. Can't wait. I love you."
You:" hehe, I love you, too." you hang up, and head to his place. ~Niall's place~ before you even knock the door, Niall is already there, kissing your lips.
You: "wow.. Uhm.. Hey." you say once he lets go.
Niall: "Come on in." you walk in when Niall is behind you.
Niall: "my mom isn't here, so we're alone." he said
Niall: "wanna go to my room?"
You: "sure." you both walk upstairs, and once you both are inside the room, Niall closes the door. There is a few candles around the room, roses everywhere, and red-heart pillows on the floor for sitting.
You: "wow."
Niall: "like it?" you feel him wrapping his arms around your waist.
You: "when did you.."
Niall:"since last week. It was planned for Valentine's day, but thought I should do it before." you turn around to look at his face.
Niall: "what?" he smiles his cute smile.
You: "you are the best boyfriend I've ever had." you kiss him sweetly.
Niall: "how many did you have that you say that?" he says as he lets go, and walks around the room.
You: "it's not important now."
Niall: "I think it is."
You: "cmon, Niall. Let it go. I wanna taste everything your mom made."
Niall: "how did you know... Never mind.." he makes this weird face he uses whenever he's annoyed. You roll your eyes, and say: "fine. I had 3 boyfriends in my whole entire life. You're one of them."
Niall: "were they better than me?"
You: "yes." he looks at you shocked.
You: "in the jerky, grossly, disgusting way." you smile, and come to him, put your arms around his neck, and when he says "oh", you smile bigger, and kiss him again.
Niall:"let's eat." he kisses you again, and leads you to your sit. He kisses you once again on the cheek, and sits in front of you, starting to eat

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